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Depression is a condition that takes all the fun out of living. It most often occurs after a loss of a person or pet due to death, loss of a job or home or a transition from the comfortable to uncomfortable. The person just feels tired, bad, sad, overwhelmed, worthless, useless and can drain a relationship or marriage of life. Taking an anti-depressant has been the quickest remedy of the past several years, but now doctors are finding them addictive and almost impossible to get off them. It is recommended that a person seek counseling instead of medication but if medication is needed in conjunction with therapy, the medication should be stopped after eight months at most.


For children and teens, medication is usually not recommended as it can cause thoughts about suicide or attempts at suicide.


None of my depression or anxiety patients take medication. Many came to me having panic attacks and feelings of hopelessness and no longer feel that way because of experienced talk therapy.


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