None of us are born with anxiety. It starts because of some event. Afterwards, even though we may overcome that particular stressor, it appears that our brains have allowed an impulse of anxiety to remain. Those with Generalized Anxiety Disorder always find things to worry about, even when they have to create a new one that might be imaginary. I have found that the best treatment is for the GAD patient to come to my office once a week and unload all their worries. For the rest of the week, they do not report a need to return.


The Social Anxiety Disorder is problematic for those who find themselves in groups. The thing I have them remember is that social anxiety is normal. Everybody has it to some degree. When the anxiety seriously affects our occupations and needed relationships, we tend to refer to it as a disorder.

Small children often suffer from Separation Anxiety when the parent is no present for whatever reason. Social Anxiety and Separation usually end in time whereas the Generalized Anxiety Disorder never ends.

If you are feeling too jumpy, nervous, jittery, or worry about everything, call me at 800-989-8037 or email and let’s chat about what I can do for you. More people suffer from Anxiety conditions than any other. When political or economic times are most stressful, we tend to feel more anxious without even realizing it. And, anxiety can cause depression.